LA PEAUX is all about promoting independence in a relationship; it is essential because it encourages you to maintain a sense of self-worth and control over the choices that influence your life. If you lack self-worth, it can have a domino effect on yourself, your family, and your preferences. Although relationships are a partnership, one person should not feel overshadowed by the other, which can happen in many lives.   

As mums, we sacrifice our time, and we offer our money.  We struggle with getting our kids to training and sporting events. We sit crammed between screaming parents at sporting events cheering on our kids.  We support and love our kids and cheer them on when they lose and win. It matters little that we race from job to gym, to sporting fields, sit on hard benches, rise at 3.30 a.m. to get to the pool on time, worry about the money and how we are going to find the next dollar to pay for a uniform, a bike, balls and batts, dance fees, gym fees and the list goes on, love compels us to do so.  

As a grandmother now, I cannot begin to tell young mums the importance of taking care of themselves through self-care and financial independence.  As a mother, it’s straightforward to become co-dependent on the partner. Mums give up a lot, and they do it because they love their families so much.  They choose every day to put themselves last for the benefit of others. And they’d do it all again to do what’s best for their kids.