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To receive a Beauty Box valued at over $100.00, invite a group of friends around to experience our luxury skincare products and skin technology from the comfort of your home or workplace. 

We've created a collection of tried and tested manicure and pedicure, and brow boxes for you to choose from.  To receive the Beauty Boxes free, there will be a minimum of five friends at the Skincare Party with a minimum spend of $299.00. 

LA PEAUX Beauty Boxes are for the Beauty Party Hostess.  Each box contains professional beauty products.  For orders exceeding $299.00, LA PEAUX Skincare products will be added to the box FREE, and the Hostess receives 20% up to 25% off her product purchases. 

There are 3 Beauty Boxes to choose from:

1. Manicure Box

2. Pedicure Box 

3. Brow Box

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