My name is Jacqui Timms I am 62, and divorced at 47 with 2 adult children and this is my story. Building a business helping people help themselves became my mission in life and the people I want to help most are women with family. 

I know women tend to lose themselves when they marry and especially when they have children. All their energy and resources go into the family; and they forget about themselves. Women are the nucleus of the family unit and if they don’t take care of themselves no one else will. But not only that, if they’re employed while rearing children, then they’re doing more than one job. Their day never ends; I learnt the hard way. I stopped taking care of me. And so, during my marriage and subsequent my divorce I made it my mission in life to build a business model that not only provided a Professional At-Home Health, Wellbeing and Beauty Service to help people look and feel good but provided financial opportunity and so the business evolved into LA PEAUX, as its today.

Personally, I feel it vitally important that women should become financially independent whether married or single.

LA PEAUX is pioneering a new business into the network marketing industry with a Professional At-Home Health, Wellbeing and Beauty Agency.  


To find out more about becoming an Independent Representative with LA PEAUX or host a party please call Jacqui on 0413 447 146