Start your own premium Skincare Business

When my kids were growing up (now I have grand children), I found it really tough with a young family, no money and a husband who was never at home.  Things were so tight financially, I'd scrounge down the back of the car seat hoping to find some loose change to buy milk and bread or some other necessity. It was horrible and I remember that sinking feeling I had every time I went looking for some coin.  My husband and I finally went our separate ways when the kids were still in high school; I promised myself then that I would build a business to help other women to prepare for the curve balls.  You never know what can happen years down the track, nothing ever remains the same.  I hope to encourage all women to become independent, not co-dependent and to become the best version of themselves. It might sound clichéd, but knowing that you're doing something worthwhile makes it worthwhile.  I never intended to become a single mum at the age of forty seven along with the 400 thousand 40yrs + Australian homeless or divorced women and growing, but I did.  It brought with it untold heartache and anxiety, with always wondering how I was going to make money at this late stage of my life after raising two kids without my partner around.  Take control NOW while you are still young by building a business that works around the family or as a side hustle. Whether its with LA PEAUX or someone else, do it and do it now!  TO GET STARTED, ALL YOU NEED IS $500.00 TO KICK START AN AUSTRALIAN MADE PROFESSIONAL NATURAL SKINCARE BUSINESS.