Spa Facial

Spa Facial

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LA PEAUX Technicians are dedicated to enhancing your sense of well being with indulgent and truly effective treatments that are sure to soothe and revitalise mind, body and soul. 

Give your skin the absolute best with care that’s uncomplicated yet highly effective. 


Step 1: Cleanse

Clear away the grime from your day with the luscious Facial Gel Cleanser that works without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry. Luscious foaming Facial Gel Cleanser deeply cleanses the skin without leaving it stripped or dry. A blend of botanical antioxidants and algae extracts nourishes the skin while hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and smooths texture, leaving behind velvety-soft skin.

Step 2:  Tone

Hydrate and rebalance after cleansing with an alcohol-free and fragrance-free Enriched Toning Water formula with witch hazel, blue-green algae, tea tree extract, rose water, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. This toner water, packed with botanical goodness, prepares the skin to soak up the creams and serums that follow in your daily regimen.

Step 3:  Exfoliate

Prepare your face for a fresh daily regimen with the cleansing Purifying Exfoliator made with Kaolin and bentonite clay, plus fruit enzymes that work with jojoba beads and lactic acid to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Step 4: Masque

Transforms the appearance of your skin with a rejuvenating boost of moisture and a technologically advanced masque unlike anything else on the market. Sleep easy knowing it’s working hard under the surface.

Step: 5 Moisturize

Fight the visible effects of environmental aggressors with the lightweight Day Defense Cream that deeply hydrates and protects your skin against sunlight, pollution and signs of dehydration.

Duration: 1.5 hours per treatment 

Includes travel + set up + pack up.

To make a booking, please call (+61) 0413 447 146